Buying from a 3rd Party Seller?

Before you purchase an autographed item certified by Prime Time Signatures from a 3rd Party Seller, check with us to ensure it is authentic! 

All Prime Time Signatures COA include a unique authentication number on the COA which matches the number on a tamperproof hologram on the item. Most Prime Time Signatures COAs include a hologram with a QR Code & the authentication number, as well as a matching plastic card - roughly the size of a credit card - that has the matching number. Our certificates of authenticity have evolved over the years so it is possible to have an authentic PTS COA that looks different - but those are quite rare.

Prime Time Signatures items are sold directly through this website, on our official associated eBay page (User Name: PrimeTimeSignatures08), and occasionally through other auction houses. Before purchasing an item that is not from our official website or eBay, please contact us to check if the item is authentic. We are available via email, phone or through facebook messenger. We are happy to check our data bases to ensure the item is legit before you make a purchase.

We understand that autographs are unique collectors items and you may be in search of an item that we do not have in stock - we do not mind if you purchase a Prime Time Signatures item from a reseller, but we have been alerted that there are scammers making counterfeit Prime Time Signatures COAs and we want to ensure all buyers are aware of the situation. 

Please reach out to us prior to making a purchase, as we are unable to assist with refunds or claims if an item is purchased from a 3rd party.